I make movies, own a restaurant, and bake bread.
But if you want the longer version:
Jody Shapiro is a filmmaker and photographer whose work has been featured in various festivals, galleries, and publi- cations around the world. He has directed and produced a number of documentaries, including How To Start Your Own Country (2010), and Burt’s Buzz (2014), both having their World Premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival. He co-directed and produced Green Porno, a series of short films with Isabella Rossellini. In 2015, Jody began his collab- oration with Chef Michael Hunter, opening the restaurant Antler in Toronto, and trained to become a professional cook. During this time, he also photographed their culinary journey from inside the kitchen, to the forests of Canada, and doc- umenting Chef Hunter’s recipes. The resulting work can now be seen in The Hunter Chef Cookbook, published by Pen- guin/Random House in October 2020.
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